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Reach Your Goals

Are you struggling with reaching your wellness and/or fitness goals, or even just getting started? I would love to help you!! I have worked with many individuals, both men and women, who have needed a little push, whether to just gain some confidence before joining group classes, or needing a new mindset to start living up to their wellness vision. I have also worked with individuals who were in need of the know-how to work with injuries and learn modifications, so that they could safely return to the active lifestyle they missed.


Whatever the obstacles that keep you from being and feeling your healthiest, and choosing a wellness lifestyle, I'm here to help you get over, around and through them!!  Your wellness is my passion!!


As a certified personal trainer and certified yoga instructor, I have lots of tools to share with you! Imagine gaining more strength, flexibility, range of motion, and energy! Learning how to eat healthier, as well as tips to make preparing simple healthy meals, and making lifestyle changes that align with your vision. Imagine feeling more mindful, relaxed, and confident! I can teach you all this and more!! It's time to put your wellness at the top of your to do list, so that everything else falls into place! Because without our health, what else really matters?

As your health & fitness coach, I'll be present for you, and truly listen. I'll learn what your short-term and long-term goals are, your areas of strength, as well as the areas where you struggle. I'll create an individual program tailored to your needs and goals, and support you through your journey! Reach out to me today to schedule a consultation!

In wellness,

Felicia Steriti- Smith

phone: 603-253-7587


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