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Classes at The Studio

Here at Scissorgy, we offer a number of classes at The Studio. Purchase a drop in class, a 4-week class session, a flex pass, or bundle classes with one of our combo packs.


MetKon Rx stands for science-driven Metabolic Conditioning. This is a total body, functional fitness, core, and strength training class that uses intervals and added resistance to build a strong body and confident mind. Class is metabolically driven to target athletic performance, functional movements, core strength, and stability to help optimize your everyday life. 

Full Body Conditioning

Is a full-body toning class for all levels. We will be using different modalities from week to week., so you are never bored. This class will focus on strength, not cardio. We will also incorporate some balance work. and there will always be ample time for stretching.

Gentle Yoga

Is an all levels class to focus on mindful movement with breath and a slow relaxing flow. A wonderful class to relieve tension and stagnant energy, improve on flexibility and balance.

Cardio & Core Conditioning

Is a cardio class with an emphasis on athletic performance and core training. Tabata-style, interval training, using almost All bodyweight exercises. Bring out your inner athlete while improving your strength, speed, power, and agility. All moves can be low-impact or high impact depending on your level. Get ready to sweat!

Yoga for Strength

Yoga for Strength, Flexibility and Connection is an all levels class, where students meet themselves where they are at the moment. The class is designed to release all that does not serve us, while focusing on manifesting all that will. Through a deliberate flow of asana and connection of mind, body, and breath, with fun woven in, we will build strength, increase flexibility, and feel a sense of overall well-being.

Slow Down Yoga

A gentle practice for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

For all levels - A vibrant Yoga flow, & a great way to start the week! Connecting breath & movement as we build strength and increase flexibility in a gentle, yet deliberate practice. I will meet you where you are, offering different variations of the poses, so you can take my class to the level that suits your needs!! (60 mins)

Total Body Chisel

A little bit of everything. The class will be divided into blocks of upper body strength, lower body strength, core, and maybe a touch of cardio mixed in. Traditional style weight training movements that aren't complicated.

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